Jenn and Tommy

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How We Met

Tommy and Jenn have known each other for most of their lives. Their families were good friends, they grew up on the same street together, and went to pre school together. Tommy and Jenn were best friends. At the age of four, Jenn told Tommy’s mom she would marry him some day. A few years went by, and the two families moved to two different areas of the Greater Cincinnati area. Tommy and Jenn saw each other occasionally. When Jenn was 14, she wondered what her old friend Tommy was up to and she found him on social media and sent him a message.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Breckenridge, CO

After that, their friendship blossomed again. They would go snowboarding together almost every weekend and soon developed a crush. Jenn and Tommy started dating at the age of 15. They were high school sweethearts. They went to every school dance, football game, and theatre show. Jenn and Tommy lived 45 minutes away from each other so they valued every minute together. This became even more true when Tommy joined the military. Jenn would write letters to him every day while he was gone. After being together for 8 years, Tommy and Jenn got married on their anniversary: July 15, 2017.

how they asked

Tommy and Jenn have a love for snowboarding and Breckenridge, CO. They try to go out every year during New Years. On December 31, 2015, Tommy and Jenn flew out to CO with some of their closest friends. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Breckenridge, CO. Tommy knew he had to ask Jenn to marry him that day. Tommy planned on taking Jenn up to Imperial, which is the highest ski lift in North America. In order to go up to Imperial, the weather must be perfect, or the lift will be closed. Tommy convinced Jenn to go up to Imperial on the first day in Breckenridge, though she didn’t want to. During the 30 minute trip to Imperial, Tommy was so nervous because he had the engagement ring in his pocket. Jenn didn’t notice Tommy’s nerves.

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After you get off the Imperial lift, you have to hike 200 yards up a steep gradient to make it to the very top. Jenn was not happy about the hike! Her friend, Maggie, kept telling Jenn it would be worth it. After Tommy, Jenn and all their friends made it to the top, Tommy and his buddies started setting up GoPro cameras to catch the entire proposal while Maggie distracted Jenn by getting selfies. After the boys’ finally finished getting the cameras together, Tommy pointed at something in the distance for Jenn to look at while he got down on one knee.

As Jenn turned around, Tommy asked her to marry him! Jenn was so excited! After over 6 years of dating, Tommy finally popped the question! After that, they rode down the mountain and celebrated their engagement while watching fireworks and drinking moscow mules with some of their best friends in Breckenridge, CO!