Jenn and Martin

How We Met

Martin and I have both been married before, and during those marriage’s we were both blessed with two adorable children each. The oldest, my son is 5, his twin boys are 4 and the youngest, my daughter is 3. Through the grace of God, and online dating (, Martin and I met pretty quickly after our divorces. We dated for 9 months before introducing our children to each other and each other’s children, and they quickly became fast friends. Fast forward two years later, our blended family of six is living together and having the time of our lives. We have a busy, busy household, not to mention loud, full of laughter and some arguing from time to time between four strong willed children.

how they asked

Easter morning was just like any other Holiday in our home. The kids woke up extra early, eager to find their Easter baskets, and have their Easter Egg hunt. After they joyfully found their simple Easter baskets, and had breakfast, it was time for Martin to hide their Easter Eggs. Our family got bundled up for a chilly Michigan April morning and started hunting. Each child had their own color egg they had to find, in order for no drama of one child getting more than another. After all were found, my three year old daughter Ava sat at the dining room table to open her eggs and dive into her goodies she was about to find. About two minutes later my baby girl stood on her chair holding a shiny ring and yelled “MOM! Look what I found”. Now – to be honest, the weekend prior, when I had filled these eggs, I had a few glasses of wine, so I immediately became nervous of what I had accidentally put in her egg.

Image 1 of Jenn and Martin

But, I walked over to see what it was, grabbed it from her, turned around and Martin was on one knee telling me how much he loved my kids and I, and asking me to be his wife. After of course, screaming “YES”, and embracing like we never have before, we look over to see my daughter upset. It true form to my baby girl, she was very upset that she didn’t get to keep the ring she found in her Easter Egg. But, thanks to the quick thinking of my mother, there was a ring from my mothers childhood that was ready and waiting for her to have one of her own. I then spent the rest of the day (who am I kidding, its still happening today), staring at my ring in total disbelief that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man that makes me happier than I ever thought possible.

Image 2 of Jenn and Martin