Jenn and David

how we met

I still remember the day I found out David wasn’t my friends boyfriend and in fact was her brother! I could have jumped for joy, but I thought that might have been a bit too obvious. Meeting someone at the gym has its perks! I could secretly check him out from afar through the gym mirror and he would never know! Seeing each-other day after day, created motivation and a great friendship! As all the girls secretly had a crush on him, I laughed smiled and said “I’m going to marry him one day.

how they asked

Four years later, we stumbled upon a magical place in Arizona that became a dream destination for us. It took two years to figure out everything this trip entailed, permits that needed to be pulled and what exactly it would take mentally and physically! After we did our research, we obtained a permit to visit an Indian reservation on the premises of the Grand Canyon, Havasu falls! Oh, I jumped for joy February 1st when I read the words we were accepted and going on our journey. After four long days carrying a 40 pound bag on our backs and hiking 30 plus miles. The waterfalls at the Havasupai, made each blister worth it every step of the way! The last day we were there, David and I wanted to go back to one of the many beautiful waterfalls we encountered during our journey. I set up my phone to video the beauty of the sun hitting the red rock, creating a illuminating glow. We walked into the middle of the river, I turned to capture the beauty and there he was down on one knee! I couldn’t help but smile! To this day he still says I took the ring and never said yes, but I think we all know the answer was written all over my face!

Hiked in with a boyfriend and out with a fiancé!

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