Jenn and D.J.

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How We Met

We swiped right! We met on tinder and after about two weeks of pursuing me I finally gave Dj my phone number and agreed to meet up with him for a date. But I was nervous and little did he know that when I said he could come to a sports bar to meet up with me and a few of my friends to watch the final game of the World Series I actually meant he could come to a sports bar and meet my ENTIRE nursing class. I felt a little bad about setting him up on a date with me and 25 other people so I agreed to a real date a few days later on Halloween. That’s where our story began

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how they asked

I work at UCLA as a nurse so naturally I have to work most holidays. I managed to convince my family to come down to LA for Thanksgiving and have our first holiday celebration with both families together. Thanksgiving was wonderful and the next day went on as usual when my mom suggested that we go to Santa Monica for the day, after a little convincing, everyone finally agreed.

DJ and my family and I went down to the promenade and had a few beers when my mom suggested we go to the pier to watch the sunset (a very normal thing for my mother to suggest). We started to walk towards the pier, my dad and brother walking WAY to fast, and my mom walking WAY to slow, leaving my annoyed and frustrated trying to get my family all in the same place.

This is where the video starts, my best friend had been standing in front of me with a scrap book page for about 3 minutes before I finally noticed her, she hands me the scrap book page of pictures taken the first month that DJ and I had met and ushers me on down the pier where my friend from work is standing there with another scrap book page of the next month we had known each other. This goes on and on, 25 of our closest friends and family, carrying scrap book pages of every month we had known each other, had come out to the pier to help make this the absolute best day of my life.

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Finally, DJ walks me to the end of the pier, friends and family surrounding us, music playing, and gets down on one knee…. and now….the best is yet to come!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Ambre Williams
 | Photography