Jenn and Colton

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How We Met

Colton and I met three weeks after starting school at BYU-Hawaii. He was a Bio-Pre Med and I’m Biochemistry, so we have a lot of the same classes together. We and sat near eachother in Biology class, and on a Saturday night, he asked me to go out with him the following Monday. Monday came, and we decided to just go down to the beach since we live in North Shore in Hawaii. He was the cutest, goofiest man and made me laugh the hardest I ever had right off the bat, sparks were flying. We talked a lot of families, and him being fluent in Russian, tried to teach me how to count (didn’t work, but A for effort). The night ended with us walking the beach hand in hand (long walks on the beach do the trick right?!)

By our second date, we were inseparable. We really spent every moment possible together, always laughing and adventuring, it was always a party. I knew Colton was the one I was going to spend forever with, but we both wanted to wait a little longer until we took that step, so I was patient since he truly was the man of my dreams. We had discussed it before summer, but when we went back to mainland and to spend time with eachothers families, we knew that we wanted to start our lives together sooner rather than later, so we casually browsed some ring stores, but nothing really happened until we got back to school in Oahu.

how they asked

Colton and I had been talking more about rings and wedding and planning our future together, but more in the distance still. For Labor Day, we spent the most perfect day paddling around Lanikai Beach in Kailua, adventuring around the islands and swimming with sea turtles. It didn’t seem too crazy romantic as we had done this before, so I was completely clueless. After showering and cleaning off, he told me to change into a dress for dinner, again not too surprising cause we do that often. Heading to dinner he seemed nervous and distracted, as we got lost ALOT. We finally got to the restaurant after getting lost 3 times (him stalling) we begin to walk down into the garden area near a gazebo and ponds.

I’m too distracted by the stray chickens to notice that the walkway of the gazebo was covered in rose petals and candles, while Colton was emotional and beaming from ear to ear. I finally notice as we walk onto the dock towards the end, the rose petals and candles come to the end of the gazebo make a heart, where he hugs me, tells me how much he loves me and about our future, as he gets on his knee.

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He opens the box to the most perfectly radiant ring.

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I tearfully say yes, and as he stands to put the ring on and hug, I see all of our friends coming out from the bushes. Truly more perfect than I could have ever dreamt!

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