Jenn and Andy

How They Asked

Andy and I are proud midwesterners living in Columbus! We love trying out new restaurants here, grilling out on the patio in the nice weather, and watching our favorite shows together (we are STILL trying to get through Game of Thrones, and yes, we were very late to that party). Andy is a big golfer, and I recently started taking lessons, too, so we’ve enjoyed going out to play nine holes together this summer. Andy is more Type A—very organized and meticulous, while I strive for organization but am usually a hot mess. But it works :)

Andy fooled me into thinking we were heading to a friend’s housewarming party in a cute Columbus neighborhood. In reality, he was taking me back to a special place. When we first started dating, we were walking back to Andy’s place one weeknight after getting pizza, just talking and having a great time. We’d clicked from the beginning, but on this night, I remember feeling like everything was just really right. I knew how strongly I felt for him, and I could sense that he felt strongly for me, too. I joke that I knew that night that he was smitten! :) We passed a bench on the sidewalk and Andy took out his phone and insisted on taking a selfie, our first photo together, I think.

So when he popped the question, that “housewarming party” was really just a fake excuse to get us back to that street in Victorian Village, where we took our first selfie about two years before. We got out of the car, and he asked me if I knew where we were. By the time I started to answer, “Isn’t this the spot where we took that photo?” he was down on one knee.”



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