Jenn and Anders

Funny story: Anders and I attended the same high school. My best friends brother is Anders best friend. We should have crossed paths through high school and friends but never did. I personally had a slight crush on him when he was a senior and I was a freshman. I remember telling my best friend that I did and she never thought anything of it. Anders in high school was not a believer and had his struggles, so the timing was wrong for us. I had a crush on the bad boy.

Four years later, I decided to go to UNM. I also attended Mars Hill, the same church that Anders attended and where he became a Christian a year before. God was preparing us to date each other without us realizing any of his craftiness. I was used to the guys who gave me complete attention, but Anders was a different story. At a party before we began to date, he greeted everyone in the huddle, BUT me! He didn’t acknowledge my existence at all, which irritated me and interested me. At the time Anders was trying to push my best friends brother in my direction, but later realized that he himself was interested in me.

God had orchestrated all of this without us realizing. God prepared me and gave Anders the proper desires before we began to date. I was very fearful of marriage, but God calmed my heart and used Anders to lead me towards Gods plan for us.

In December after a church service, Anders boldly approached me and asked me out on a date. I of course said yes! Anders, after a few weeks, knew he wanted to marry me as soon as possible.

The Proposal: Before I begin this story, there is a minor detail that took place. I had double dog-dared Anders to try to surprise me when he proposed. Little did I know that he would accomplish the task.

Eleven months later I was invited to go on a walk with my sister, down near the river. This was a very normal activity for us to do. This particular day Anders was “at work” and it was pouring outside. I biked from class back to my car and headed over to my sisters. It was still raining and I was unsure if she would still want to go. When I arrived she was ready and seemed really excited for this adventure in the rain. I on the other hand was cold and didn’t necessarily agree that this would be fun.

We drove down to the Bosque and began walking towards the river. The skies had cleared and we were enjoying the dewy autumn leaves. I ventured ahead of her, with the river insight, and at the corner of my eye saw a man to my left. I immediately freaked out and defensively tried to protect myself. I realized a few seconds later that it was Anders and he had his hand stretched out to calmly grab mine. As he was guiding me to a clearing near the river, I was saying things like “you’re not at work,” and “you shaved!!” I was so confused but seconds later found myself saying, “yes” to my best friend in the whole world. He surprised me completely.

Photos by Jasmine Nicole Photography