Jenn and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I were friends and co-workers, both on the dating scene and having no success. If you ask him, he knew from the moment I first met him (at his job interview!) that we would be together. Alex became a friend and confidant and slowly I developed feelings for him. One of our favorite things to with our friends is karaoke and on the night we finally got together, Alex asked me to do a duet with him, he picked a not so romantic song (Jumper by Third Eye Blind!), which we still crack up about.

Jenn and Alex's Engagement in Dublin, Ireland

When we started dating it felt like everything was just right for both of us because we were already best friends. 2 and a half years later we have been through so much together. We have 2 dogs who we love so much and an apartment that’s our home, and we are excited to be starting this next chapter together.

How They Asked

We both love to travel and made an impulsive decision to take a 3 day trip to Dublin. Alex and I immediately fell in love with the city- the people, the beer, the food, the music! As a couple, we had discussed taking the next step for a long time, but I had no clue when it would happen. Alex very sweetly asked for my parents’ permission for my hand in marriage in August. Fast forward to December and we were off to Dublin and still not engaged. Alex said many times that he wouldn’t be proposing in Dublin, he wouldn’t want to bring a ring through security, he said. Up until the moment it happened I was positive it was not going to happen in Dublin.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dublin, Ireland

On our last day in Dublin, we booked an Air BnB photographer to take us on a tour/photo shoot. As we got started, standing at the foot of the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, Alex was being a bit strange and opted to keep his coat on.

Where to Propose in Dublin, Ireland

A few photos in, he paused and said: “I need to tie my shoes.” I quickly looked down and said “Really!? Both of your shoes are tied!”  And next thing I know he was down on one knee, telling me how much he loved me and asking me to marry him. I was shocked and completely caught off guard but quickly said yes. As you can see from the photos I burst into tears of joy. It was so special to have our excitement captured throughout Dublin with the photo shoot.

Later that night we celebrated our engagement out Jameson Distillery by bottling our own special edition Jameson whiskey (which will be used for the toast at our wedding!) and having a certificate placed in the Bow St. Distillery archives forever! The staff at Jameson even gifted us with an engraved flask to commemorate our engagement and our time in Dublin. Dublin now holds a very special place for us and we look forward to going back as a married couple!

Special Thanks

Noel Tristan Perena
 | Photographer