Jenilee and Erick

How We Met: On August 29, 2011, I had my first day back at National University after taking a 4 month leave of absence. As I was getting situated for class to start, Erick had walked into class and asked if he could sit next to me. I moved my stuff over to the other side of me and sat in lecture for 5 hours. Thinking nothing of it, I invited him to grab some sushi after class and we became instant friends.

Image 2 of Jenilee and Erick

how they asked: I’ve been doing 5k, 10k, &15k runs for the past couple years but never worked up the courage to do an actual half marathon. Early 2014, Erick & I signed up for my first half marathon; The Disneyland Half Marathon.

After months of training for my first half marathon, I was anxious to start & get it over with. Erick & I ran the Disney half marathon with my two of my cousins who happened to be runners as well. Once we crossed the finish line, our plan was to take pictures in front of disneyland with our new medals. When we got there, we started taking pictures as a group but my cousin suggested that we take pictures of just Erick & I.

Image 1 of Jenilee and Erick

Once we were “staged” they kept lagging on taking the picture and telling me that i had to fix my hair since it was “messy.” Once we we were almost done taking pictures, my cousin asked if my friend was here cause she knew we were gonna meet up for post run lunch. When I turned around, I saw “Jenilee, will you marry me?” I started crying and the next thing i know, I see Erick on his knee with a big smile on his face. I said “YES!” gave him a big kiss and i took another look at the sign and realized that our friends and family from Sacramento down to San Diego were there to share our special day with us!