Jenifer and Justin

Jenifer's Proposal in Rink at the Rock, Castle Rock, CO

How We Met

Justin and I met in 2003, at the age of 12, we met for the first time in Ms. Williams language arts class. We instantly became friends and talked a lot of the days about all of our Middle School “problems”. As the years passed, our friendship grew stronger and we were best friends all the way throughout High School. We shared stories, we cried, we laughed, we joked around, and most of all enjoyed being friends.

All throughout High School, Justin had a crush on me. When Justin had a girlfriend, I was single. When I had a boyfriend, Justin was single. It just never worked out timing wise for us. Finally at the end of senior year, we were both single. Justin found this as his opportunity to really reel me in. I was very hesitant to date him because I really didn’t want to ruin the great friendship we had. After lots of long talks with my mom, she finally convinced me to give a chance as more than just my best friend. And that was the best advice I have taken from my mom because it has made us the happiest we have ever been!

how they asked

We went to the Rink at the Rock in Castle Rock, CO on December 12, 2015. It was a really wet, cold, and snowy day. Ice skating was one of the first thing Justin ever taught me. He played ice hockey, so naturally he was amazing at ice skating. I needed a little more time to get around the rink ;) Justin had planned for both his and my parents to be there to take pictures and video of the proposal. We had the entire ice rink to ourselves which was super nice! Justin had also requested for the rink to play Nat King Cole’s “Love” (a song he frequently sings to me) and as it played. He tried to get me to go under the mistletoe to propose to me but because of my lack of skating skills, I told him “just kiss me here”. I kind of ruined his plan but he was such a good sport, he dropped to one knee in the corner of the ice rink (not under the mistletoe) and asked me to marry him. I said YES with no doubt in my mind, barely letting him finish giving his speech before kissing him. It was the best day ever!

Proposal Ideas Rink at the Rock, Castle Rock, CO

Special Thanks

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Nathan Montoya - Photographer
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