Jenifer and Craig

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How We Met

I was sitting in class one day at Chiropractic school and my friend convinced me to download a “phone game.” I did and quickly realized I was on a dating app! This app is known as the ever popular Tinder. I have to admit it was very addicting and fun to judge people (that sounds awful, but its true) that I kept on my phone for months. I did go on one date with a very nice guy, but one date was all that happened out of Tinder. I finally got bored and deleted it off my phone. Fast forward to 8 months later when I returned home to finish my residency with a local doctor in the field and a patient started talking about Tinder.

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It got me thinking, “I deleted my app, but did I delete my account?” So I downloaded the app and sure enough my account had been active the whole time! Not wanting any patients to find me, I intended on permanently deleting my account, but I thought why not one last hurrah! For a few hours I swiped left (meaning NO) to probably a few hundred guys and literally only swiped right (meaning YES) to three guys. One of those guys was named Craig, he only had Tinder on his phone for three days wanting to find nice girls to date and after talking via text for a few weeks we finally decided on a date. After just a few dates I knew he wasn’t like any other guy I met….I still CANNOT believe I met him on TINDER! I never believed in online dating and never took Tinder seriously, but hey when it’s meant to be, it is meant to be!

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how they asked

It was New Years Eve and we decided to go out to dinner and then ice skating at a special adorable little outdoor ice rink in downtown Milwaukee, WI. First we went to this fancy sushi place and drank a little too much wine and ate our favorite meal, sushi. I asked Craig if we should invite his cousin Emma and her boyfriend John to come ice skating with us, but he said she was busy, but might be out taking pictures of dogs…I thought that was a super odd comment since it was New Years Eve and really cold outside, but I didn’t think much of it since I had a few drinks. We finally made our way over to the ice rink, which was packed. We waited outside for a half hour and it was negative 13 degrees with the wind chill and I was freezing, so told him we should just go home!

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He kept saying “no, we came this far and you wanted to ice skate, we have to stay even if its just for a few minutes!” So reluctantly I agreed to wait. We finally made it onto the ice rink and took two laps around until I saw someone all bundled up taking pictures and thought “huh, is that his cousin!?” Then he told me he was going to purposefully fall and he asked me to marry him. He gave me the entire ring box and I preceded to tell him he had to put it on my finger! His cousin got pictures of the whole thing. It was so romantic and thoughtful and absolutely perfect!

Special Thanks

Emma Henning-Laatsch
 | Took pictures of the proposal - not an official photographer, just a family member!
Heidi Johnson
 | Photographer