Jenessa and Taylor

How We Met

We met during a leadership program called telios at a Bible camp. We spent a month together with our group of people that soon became our summer family. I had gone into the program thinking he was the only good looking guy there, but we actually spent the first week of the program not liking each other at all. we then were the camp crush of the summer. after camp we lost contact for about 6 months and then something happened where we were trying to plan a reunion with our Telios family. About a month after we were still talking and wet on our first date to his prom, we really hit it off and three years later we are still together.

Image 1 of Jenessa and Taylor

how they asked

We have been dating 3 years and this proposal was a long time haha. I even had friends tell me they would always look for a ring every time we hung out just to see. I was in Kelowna, BC visiting my best friend,and onmy last day there she decided we needed to do something special so she took me on the town we went shopping down town, drank way to much coffee, ate way too much food, and had a great last day. When we got home she then decided that we needed to go take photos on the dock, so we got all dolled up and went to “take pictures.” She was “setting me up for a good shot” and told me to do a looking at the mountains shot. When I turned around there was Taylor on one knee (who was supposed to be home in Alberta).

Image 2 of Jenessa and Taylor