Jenelle and Brett


How We Met

So after selling my house to move on in life with my boyfriend after 2 years of being together, I booked my dream holiday destination to Broome in Western Australia. The time came where we found ourselves sitting on cable beach watching the worlds best sunset, and taking many photos, I had no idea that my fiancé to be was as as nervous as hell, trying to time it right to get down on one knee to me without the camera or phone in my hand. The sun had gone down but there was enough glow in the sky to take one last selfie of us on what I thought was a life time dream come true as I was on Cable Beach. I turned to Brett and sighed, “well that was just amazing”, as I never thought that I would be sitting here watching a great sunset like we had just done. Brett looked at me and said, “do you want to see something else that is amazing” and by the time I looked at him, he was on one knee with the ring that he choose to give me as a token of his love for me. I burst into “happy and shocked” tears as I had not one idea that this was going to happen on what I already thought was the best night of my life. My answer was yes of course.! I was so excited to find out the Brett had rang my father a couple of weeks before and asked for my hand in marriage, and I was totally amazed that he also asked my 20 year old son the same thing. In April 2018, will be the big wedding day for us, on the Murray River in Moama.

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