Jeneene and John

Jeneene and John's Engagement in Iceland

How They Asked

John and I planned our Iceland trip about 8 months in advance. We were so excited to vacation in a country that both of us had yet to explore. It was a 2-week trip and it took a lot of planning (mostly on my part), so I was very preoccupied with planning the trip, taking 3 summer classes at FIU, and working part-time. Although the thought crossed my mind several times as to whether John was going to propose on this trip. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get proposed to in such a beautiful place? Needless to say, when we actually landed in Iceland, I was completely preoccupied with its breathtaking scenery. All I could think about was where to go next. Our first day we explored the beautiful town of Reykjavik, ate at a cute little spot with vegan options for me, walked around the pier, checked out the incredible museum of art, and shopped around. Our second day we had a spa day planned at The Secret Lagoon about an hour away from our Air B&B. It was our first time being able to enjoy an Icelandic hot spring bath. After the initial shock about Iceland’s rule to bathe completely nude prior to being able to enter the pool, we were able to relax in the geothermic pool with nothing but mountains surrounding us. At the Secret Lagoon, they even have little trails for you to walk to the nearby Geysir’s where we were able to watch them bubble up and spout out water. I had no idea that this whole time John was walking around with my ring in his backpack and he was assessing whether or not this was the time to propose.

Proposal Ideas Iceland

John made the right decision in determining that the Secret Lagoon, although cute and quaint, was not the right spot to do the proposal. The next morning I woke up feeling extremely ill which was unfortunate because we had planned to check out some amazing waterfalls right outside the town. However, I was not feeling up to it. So we spent our third day relaxing about the town in hopes that I would feel better soon. I did find it out that John kept asking every hour not just if I was okay, but a percentage. He said, “I need you to be at 100%”. After my episode in the morning I did feel okay, but not 100% and I am glad we took the day for me to recuperate. The next morning I felt as ready as ever to continue our exploration.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Iceland

I was determined to get to Seljalandsfoss waterfall extremely early to beat the rush of tourists so we could get amazing pictures. We hopped in our rental car and set out for our next adventure. As we pulled up to this waterfall, my breath was taken away by its beauty. This particular waterfall you can actually walk on a trail behind the waterfall itself and I read blogs that all recommended to wear waterproof everything for. Therefore, as we parked I told John I was going to slip on my waterproof pants to go along with my waterproof trench coat. John found this notion to be very disturbing which I found odd. Why did he care about what I was wearing? He never has before.. He kept telling me “Babe, you aren’t going to like the way you come out in the pictures with those pants on.

Jeneene's Proposal in Iceland

Besides, we won’t get that wet and if we do, then you can change!” But I insisted, and he finally dropped the argument. We set up our tripod in front of the magnificent waterfall and took the first couple of shots. Of course, when I checked them, I had to admit.. I looked terrible. So I told John I was going to take the baggy waterproof pants off and admitted that he was right. As I walked back to take the next round of pictures without the hideous pants, I tried to get in close with him and I remember him gently pushing away from me. I turned to him to see why he was doing that, and I found him on one knee with an open little brown box.

Inside was this incredible rose gold oval diamond ring with a halo around and infinity bands on either side. John asked, “Jeneene, will you marry me?” and I froze in utter shock and complete excitement. I was sooo shocked I forgot to answer, as if he needed one. We both know that he is the only man I ever want to spend an eternity with. But he asked, “Are you going to..?” and I quickly recollected myself and shouted, “Oh, yes! Of course, yes!” He slipped the ring on my finger and although I did not think it was possible, my ring was even more beautiful than the incredible waterfall that stood before us.

I hugged and kissed John so many times and in between each hug and kiss I could not help but stare at the ring, still in shock that I was now an engaged woman. John had to remind me that we still had a waterfall to hike. So we hiked it, took the typical proposal pictures, and took in the entire moment of being together in this magical place with nothing but nature, the love John and I have for one another, and a gorgeous rock on my finger that I will wear as a symbol of my never-ending loyalty to the most amazing, thoughtful, and caring man I know and love, John Connelly.