Jendia and Matthew

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how we met

We met through mutual friends in Washington DC. Our friends hosted a themed birthday party that we both attended. Matt approached me to be his teammate in a game and we hung out the rest of the night. A month later, we ran into each other again at another friend’s birthday party. We ended up leaving the birthday party to go on an adventure, which ended up being a walk to the National Mall and trying to visit the monuments. One of our closest friends loves to take credit for introducing us, claiming he introduced “the two nicest people he’s ever met.”

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how they asked

My family has been going to the Nutcracker at NYC Ballet for over 25 years. We go at least once every year and usually even sit in the same four seats. The last few years Matt has some with us, much to his chagrin, but he has been a great sport. So in 2015 on December 23rd my parents, Matt and I took the train into the city for our annual Nutcracker show. As soon as we arrived at the theater Matt suggested we get a glass of champagne and take it out to the balcony. I said I’d rather have a coffee, but he finally convinced me.

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When we got out on the balcony he told me how much he loved my family’s tradition of coming to the Nutcracker every year and how it made him think about how one day we could take “little Jendia” to the ballet. I smiled and agreed, to which he said “Good, that will make this next part easier,” and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! After the ballet, Matt’s sister and dad came into the city for a special engagement dinner with my family.

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