Jenay and Matthew

how we met

The night we met was full of spontaneity. Matt was crashing my best friend’s birthday as his best buddy was dating my friend (we had never met before that night). We had decided to go out to our favorite bar, Sequoia Brewery. I immediately liked what I saw- Matt’s a head turner wherever we go. Later he told me that he was so nervous he couldn’t talk to me, but I just thought he was bored being there. I asked his best friend “what’s the deal with that guy? He’s cute, too bad he didn’t introduce himself.”. His friend sneakily told him that I was asking about him, and he mustered the courage up to talk to me. We hit it off immediately and continued to celebrate my friends birthday until the bars shut down.

At this point everyone was drunk and happy, heading our separate ways. I took an Uber with the birthday girl and Matt went with some of the other guys. A few of us planned to stay the night together and go to brunch the next morning. I was surprised when there was a knock at the door and Matt was there! I thought it would be cute to flirt with him a little and I stole the burrito he got on the way home. I only planned to eat a bite or two, I swear! But in my intoxicated state I lost track of time and ate all but about two bites. I looked up and he was watching me- a mix of amazement and wonder (maybe a little upset) that I ate that whole thing so fast.

Luckily he wasn’t too mad (he still hasn’t let me forget it), and we spent the rest of the night looking up our favorite music videos on youtube and getting to know each other better. I thought for sure he was going to make a move, but not even a kiss was shared that night. We crashed on the couch and ate more burritos for breakfast the next day. Afterward he got my number from his friend and asked me on a real date, then to meet his family, and then to be his girlfriend- in all of 9 days! Best. burrito. ever.

how they asked

Matt and I got together to plan a proposal that would be a total surprise. Jenay always volunteers when I post model calls on my Instagram, so when she and I hammered out the details, she thought she was just going to model for me at a photoshoot. I felt a little guilty for lying, but it totally paid off!

Matt called Jenay’s boss to get her the week of Thanksgiving off work so she could fly home and be with the family, which surprisingly raised no eyebrows from the fiance to be. When my dad said he would be cooking a brisket I thought for sure this fancy food would give it away, but he talked his way out of Jenay’s suspicions.

She came to my studio for hair and makeup; we hung out and chit chatted a bit. I was really nervous about the weather because the forecast was calling for a downpour. Because of the rain, my team moved everything indoors for the actual proposal.

I knew though that Jenay had no idea because the entire way to the venue she was playing songs in the car and we were singing at the top of our lungs. I knew if she had any idea what was about to happen, she wouldn’t be this casual and it was so hard for me to keep my cool because I was so excited. When Jenay and I arrived on site, I told her we’d go inside to freshen up before starting the photoshoot. I had her practice her model walk while I got my camera gear all set for the shoot.

I walked in first so I could photograph her reaction as she came in the room. You can see it in the photos from the total bliss, to the confusion upon seeing both our parents and Matt’s family, and then realizing what was going on.

Matt was lost for words; he later admitted that “all the words fell out of my head as soon as I saw her”

But he asked and she said yes all because a girl walked into a bar and a boy bought a burrito!

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