Jenay and Garrett

How We Met

Garrett and I have been dating for about 10 years. I suppose you could call us high school sweethearts. He moved to Hawaii for college while I attended USC, we’re two years apart, so my sophomore year I went to visit him over Valentine’s Day. Hawaii has always had a special place in our hearts.

how they asked

A year ago we went to visit some friends who live in Hawaii (fiances best friend from college), and they took us by boat to this incredibly secluded beach called Maklawena. You can only get there by boat (swimming to shore) or an hour 4×4 drive down lava rock. It was magical. So, when my boyfriend had to spend a week there for work last week, he bought me a ticket to come out for a long weekend! Of course the same friends had to take us to our favorite beach – we took their 4-wheeler truck. It was quite the adventure. The friends are also a newly engaged couple! Kelly was helping me take photos for Instagram, when Garrett surprised me from behind grabbing my waist and turning me to face him.

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He grabbed my hands and stuttered, “you know how much I love you right?”, I said “uh yeah?”, he said, “you know it’s always going to be me and you right?”, I said, “haha yes”, and then he dropped to his knee. We’ve got a reel of images where you can see how I legitimately thought it was a joke. Couldn’t believe it. The pictures tell an incredible story.

Jenay and Garrett's Engagement in Hawaii

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