Jena and Kevin

Image 1 of Jena and Kevin

How We Met

I called for an Uber and Kevin came to pick me up. We instantly hit it off, and discovered that we actually grew up in the same town , had mutual friends, and went to the same high school, but had somehow never met before. It was as if fate brough us together at just the right time. I felt such a strong connection with him , and didn’t want our conversation to end when the ride did. So I did something I have never done before- I gave Kevin my phone number. He called the next day, and we’ve been inseperable for three years.

How They Asked

We had been living together for 6 months, and were discussing marriage and Kevin even asked me to help select the ring which he had custom made. Tanazanite is my favorite gemstone, and we couldn’t find any diamond rings with tanzanite at any of the big jewlery stores, so he actually had it custom made on Etsy. To celebrate our anniversary, he took me to one of my favorite restaurants, The Washington Inn in Cape May. Suddenly, a man with a violin started playing music near our table. Then, more musicians came over until there was an entire 12 string orchestra playing in front of us! Kevin got down on one knee, and everyone in the restaurant started cheering for us! I couldn’t hold back the tears, but managed to say “yes” It was the happiest moment of my life!

Image 3 of Jena and Kevin

Special Thanks

Susan Elizabeth
 | Photographer
Christine Henry
 | florist