Jena and Kevin J

Image 1 of Jena and Kevin J

How We Met

We grew up in the same town but never actually met until three years ago when I called for an Uber and he was my driver. We instantly hit it off, and when the ride was over, I didn’t want the conversation to end. So I did something I’ve never done before in my life, gave a guy my phone number! He called the next day, and we’ve been inseperable for three years ever since.

How They Asked

He took me to my favorite restaurant in Cape May, The Washington Inn. Suddenly, a musician with a violin started playing near our table. Then, more musicians came in until there was an entire 12 string orchestra playing in front of us! He then got down on one knee, gave the most beautiful speech, and proposed to me. Everyone in the restaurant started cheering for us! We then celebrated our engagement at The Park Chateau Estate and Gardens.

Image 2 of Jena and Kevin J

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Special Thanks

Susan Elizabeth
 | Photographer