Jena and Cameron

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How We Met

Cameron and I met six years ago, when him and I both were in different relationships. Although he remembers meeting me at this time, I don’t. I remember seeing him at our annual family Christmas party, and introducing myself. Shortly after meeting him for what I thought was the “first time”, I tried to convince him to stay longer (thanks to Jell-O shots) which he kindly turned down. That summer, I ended up reaching out to him after asking my cousin’s permission to talk to Cameron. What I thought was a simple text, led to the sweetest story that I’m lucky to say is ours. Cameron and I hung out once with my cousin, and a second time when we went on a simple date before he left to play baseball in Alaska. He wasn’t even there for a week before he mentioned me visiting him (mind you, this was 3,530 miles away). Looking for an adventure, I bought a ticket and flew up there for a week, and ended up extending my ticket to three weeks. We like to consider Alaska as our first “actual date”, because it was there that we realized that we were not only great mosquito swatter, salmon fishing adventurers, but that we were also compatible for each other in no matter what situation. After we came home from Alaska, Cameron went to college in Idaho, and I went to college in Washington. We continued to keep a relationship, and maintained it by driving 6 hours (one way) every couple of weeks. We eventually moved home, and continued to build our relationship. There was a point where we found out that it would be “unlikely” that I would be able to have kids, which was tough for both of us-since we had always wanted children. I think after that experience it is safe for us to say that we’re not going to dwell on one thing for too long. About a year after finding this news out, we found out that we are expecting, and Cameron chose to ask a question that would change our lives forever.

how they asked

Cameron and I found a new rooftop restaurant where we went, and I ended up eating way too much (thank you pregnancy cravings). When we were leaving the restaurant, he mentioned that we should drive to a local winery to watch the sunset. Without even thinking about it, I agreed and we chased the sunset just to make it in time to see the sky change colors. When we showed up to the winery, it was closed. So, we snuck into the back where the vineyards are, and walked up the hill to see the sunset. As we were standing there (in the middle of what seemed like a million vineyards) watching the sky turn from pinks, to yellows, to oranges, we started talking about how much fun we have when we adventure. Cameron suggested that we should keep adventuring together for the rest of our lives, and it was then that I told him, “that’s up to you”. Right after, he let go of hugging me, and when I turned around he was down on one knee where he asked me to marry him. Through all the tears, and smiles, I said yes. Being engaged to Cameron is something I have dreamed about, but spending the rest of my life with him (and our little mini me) is the greatest adventure that I look forward to the most. To the man who gives me all the butterflies in the world, lets do this crazy thing called life.

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