Jen and Paul

How We Met

Like a lot of modern romances– Paul and I actually met on Bumble. Of course, when I tell other people that they are A. shocked that meeting someone through an app actually worked out and B. ask about our online dating experiences. Personally, I think Bumble should pay for our wedding as an advertisement to their app… but that’s another story.

We met early August 2016– Paul was supposed to meet me outside my apartment in Dupont to go out for drinks after work, and I was running late that day so when I showed up to my apartment, he was already waiting outside, because like a true gentleman, he was 15 minutes early. Of course, I was wearing scrubs, my hospital clogs (which are very attractive), my glasses, and absolutely no make up. Since it was typical muggy DC summer night, and the humidity was about 1000%, I felt terrible about leaving him outside in the sweltering heat so I invited him to wait in my 400 square foot apartment while I got ready. It was slightly awkward because I had never met him before and he was sitting on my tiny IKEA couch flipping through this massive medical textbook that I had left open while I was getting ready in the bathroom (in hindsight this was probably fairly dangerous to do when you have never met someone before, but what can I say– I had a good vibe about him).

We went out for drinks at Thally and spent a few hours just talking and get to know each other. He was very cute, charming and just seemed like such a great person (which I know now, that he’s actually the best person). Let’s just say that after that first date, Paul was then at least 15 minutes late to the next two dates…

How They Asked

I had gotten off a night shift the night before so I had spent the majority of the day sleeping— we had dinner date planned for later that night to check out La Vie, a new restaurant on the Wharf. I had planned to wake up around 6 and get ready for our reservations around 7:15, but Paul was adamant that I get up earlier. He told me he wanted to do a fancy night out with our friends and get all dressed up (and as a person who loves to dress up, how could I say no?) to grab drinks after. Before dinner, Paul suggested we take a walk around tidal basin since he’d heard from our friends that it looked particularly beautiful recently. Of course, I was easy to convince since the Jefferson Memorial and tidal basin is arguably one of my favorite places in the city.

When we got there, instead of walking to the memorial, as I had anticipated, we started walking aroung the lake (and when you’re wearing 3 inch heels, if can be a challenge no matter how comfortable they are…). I guess I must love Paul a lot because I agreed to a walk (and perhaps and Uber ride?) around the lake. It was a beautiful an serene day, a bit overcast, but there was no one around and it was incredibly peaceful. As we got to the Roosevelt memorial, Paul told me that he couldn’t be happier as he was “with a beautiful girl and [had] a beautiful view..” and then he got down on one knee and proposed.

I was surprised— I honestly hadn’t expected it that day… maybe in the back of my mind I had a sneaking suspicion, but very quickly dismissed it. I was also incredibly happy and felt a lot of love for this incredible person. So of course I said yes! Then I heard all these shutter clicks, and the people who I thought were tourists turned out to be Lindsay and Greg— who ended up photographing the whole thing! We then walked around tidal basin and did an amazing photoshoot. Paul was so excited the whole time, recounting the details of how he had planned the whole thing, and how he kept agonizing over whether or not it was going to rain that day. We both couldn’t stop smiling.

The surprises continued throughout the night— when we showed up at the restaurant (45 min late…) they managed to get us a table, and when I got there, my parents, Paul’s family were waiting to surprise us. I didn’t cry at the proposal, but definitely teared up when I saw everyone at dinner. After dinner, we went to a rooftop bar where all our friends in DC were waiting to congratulate us! What an incredible night!

I feel so unbelievably lucky to have found such a kind and caring person who works so hard to make me happy (and hopefully he feels the same way…

Special Thanks

Lindsay King Photography
 | Photography
The Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial
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