Jen and Mike's Pep Rally Proposal

Image 1 of Jen and Mike's Pep Rally Proposalhow they asked: Mike had been in Knoxville, Tennessee for the week for work and was not supposed to be home until later that evening. He had been secretly planning the proposal for two months with two of Jen’s wonderful and amazing friends from school, Emily and Soraya.

Jen’s school was having a pep rally that day to get the kids pumped up and excited for the OAA (Ohio’s state testing).

The theme of the pep rally was Comic Con (hence the Batman costume).

The principal/Hulk, Mr. Carr has a set agenda for each pep rally down to the minute so when he called Jen up on stage for a “Dance Off” she was a little flustered since this wasn’t on the schedule.

The music started and Jen wasn’t sure what the song was and the school’s mascot, the Cougar (which is normally the school’s music teacher), wasn’t dancing.

Jen couldn’t figure out what was going on and was getting nervous since we were both standing there until the “Cougar” took off his head and she saw that it was Mike….

The video is below, so you can see what happened next!

Image 2 of Jen and Mike's Pep Rally Proposal
Image 3 of Jen and Mike's Pep Rally Proposal