Jen and Tom

How We Met

It was May 11th 2012, at Long Fellows in Saratoga for a wedding. Toms friend Jon was getting married and I was asked to go as a date with a friend. I saw Tom before the reception started, but we didn’t get the chance to meet. My friend Ashley then took it upon herself to yell “Tom, give us a twirl!” and he twirled! When Tom looked back I was bashfully asking Ashley to stop. It was in that moment while he twilled in his grey pants and black vest that I knew this guy was going to change my life forever. We met on the dance floor and had a great time getting to know each other. After we laughed the night away we had our first dance to ‘The Way you Look Tonight’. At the end of the night we went our separate ways without exchanging numbers. Our best friends who are now married, Zach who Tom grew up with, and Ashley who I went to college with are a huge reason why we met. Luckily Zach and Ashley gave my number to Tom when he called them for their seal of approval the next day. He got in touch with me a day later and after exchanging a few calls/texts we soon couldn’t find enough time in the day for each other. Tom and I hit it off immediately finding common interests in our aspirations, a love for the outdoors and passion for life. Each day has been a new adventure being together.

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This is a photo of me, Tom, and Ashley from the wedding where we first met.

how they asked

I told Jen I had booked us a Friday evening out of town, my treat. I told her it was for something kind of self serving, but that she would have fun too. The plan was to pick her up from work Friday May 5th at 3pm. Friday finally came and I called and told her I was outside to pick her up for the start of our journey. When she walked outside, I was not there. I stood her up! However, there was a limo there waiting to drive her, phew. The taxi driver we often use, Stevie has a limo service on the side and was waiting with a sign that said Jennifer “Boopie” Walsh. From what she told me, she knew right away what was about to happen. I wasn’t shocked, what else could I be up to? When she got in the limo, a bottle of red wine awaited her along with a few notes, headphones and a playlist filled with songs that have meaning to us (The Way You Look Tonight was the first one). I conspired with Stevie to organize a few stops along the way for Jen.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our home in Saratoga Springs

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our home in Saratoga Springs

First he brought her to the apartment where she lived in when we first met. I had a bouquet of flowers and a letter waiting for her on the front porch. The limo then took her to Congress Park in down town Saratoga where we had our first kiss. Jen got her final letter there and hoped back in the limo to come home to me! I anxiously awaited her arrival all day. Right when she left for work and I was confident she wasn’t going to return, I spent the day decorating the house with flowers, balloons, candles and pictures. I was peeking out of the front door just in time to see the limo come around the corner. Its go time! I cued up the camera, took my position and waited for my love to come through the door. The door swung open and all I heard was “Thomas Terrence!” “Yes, Jennifer Marie?” I replied as she came running into the living room. There I was, on my knee too nervous to utter anything more than “Will you marry me?” We took in the moment with each other and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but we weren’t done yet. I organized a dinner with our families at Long Fellows where we met so, we jumped back in the limo and headed off!

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