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How We Met

Seth and I met at a local coffee shop when my college roommate invited me to watch her boyfriend’s band at an open mic night. I was fairly reluctant because my first semester of classes had recently started, and I just had my first club meeting that lasted until fairly late that evening. I was drained! But as a sucker for social gatherings (and as a recently single young woman with a desire to go oogle at some musicians), I decided I should go check it out before their set started. When I got there, my old roommate, Shelby, and I sat together on one of the coffee shop couches. The boys had just started to set up their instruments when Shelby took out her phone and posed it to take a picture.

“Where’s Seth?” She asked, trying to squish all of the boys into the frame of her phone.

It was like a cheesy moment from a rom-com– the boys in the band separated enough to reveal Seth, hidden in the corner of the makeshift stage, sitting with a drum between his knees.

Hel-lo, Seth!

I learned on that day, I’ve got a thing for drummers.

In high school, I used to be fairly soft spoken. I wanted to change that in college- I wanted to have a voice, I wanted to pursue the things I wanted without fear. So I did. After the boys performed, they came over and talked to Shelby and I, and I made sure I was in the small cluster of people talking to Seth. After a while of everyone chatting, we all decided to go back to our dorms for the night and Seth offered to walk me and another girl back to our buildings. Along the way, I casually (or at least, I thought it was casual) asked Seth for his number, saying we should get lunch sometime. He gave me his number, and that was it for the night.

After a few days, I texted him, asking him if he wanted to come over and play MarioKart (guys like video games, right?). He made up some excuse about homework, and said “maybe another time.” A couple days later, I tried again. Same response. After about an hour from his excuse, he texted back, asking if the offer still stands. He told me that the fire alarm went off in his building and he couldn’t do his homework for a while, so it’d be a good break to go play some games.

“Two races,” he said. “Then I have to go back to working on homework.”

Three hours of talking and only one race later, Seth and I had learned we really enjoyed each other’s company.

A day or so later, Seth mentioned having to pull an all-nighter to study for an exam, so I made up an excuse about needing to do the same (I work really quickly, so I definitely never needed to pull all-nighters to get work done). We decided to use a study room and work on homework all night together on September 28th-29th. During that all-nighter, we had a conversation about the local fair that was in town. I dropped what I thought was an obvious hint:

“I’ve never been on a date to a fair. That’s definitely on my bucket list!”

He didn’t bite the bait. Dang!

I tried another hint.


“Have you been to a fair before?” I asked.

“Do you want to go to the fair tonight?” (This being early morning September 29th, at this point.)


I found out years later that Seth initially had gotten out of a bad relationship and was reluctant to get into another one so soon. He caught my hints, but he purposely ignored them. But don’t worry– obviously the story has a happy ending!

After an exhausting, sleep-deprived day of classes (ugh 9am Calculus!), Seth and I went to the fair together. The entire time, I was trying to work up the nerve to kiss him– I planned to kiss him at the top of the ferris wheel (cliche, I know!). When we rode the ferris wheel and got to the top, he absolutely would NOT look at me. He kept looking out at the fair the entire ride! Again– years later, he revealed that he could tell I wanted to kiss him on the ferris wheel, and he wasn’t ready for that. Fair enough! (Get it? Fair?)

We had such a great time and got along so well that we ended up talking in the parking lot for an hour after the fair closed, and Seth suggested that we go wander Walmart so we’d have time to hang out more. We took a bunch of goofy pictures in Halloween masks at Walmart and wandered around until we decided it was late and both of us needed sleep. He drove me back to my dorm and walked me to my door. Then, he began to lean in! Excited, I turned into it and kissed him. It was a simple little kiss, but I was ecstatic! Fun fact: (years later, Seth revealed this) Seth never meant to kiss me that night. He’s a traditional, old-fashioned guy and was going to kiss me on the cheek, but I misinterpreted and turned into it. Seth had to make a quick decision– hurt my feelings, or let it go and wait to see what happened down the line.

Now, Seth and I are engaged, with a venue booked for September 29, 2019– five years from our first date at the fair. <3

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how they asked

Seth graduated college in May 2017. I was scheduled to graduate December 2017, and December 9th was my last school dance. Originally, Seth wasn’t going to be able to go with me because of his work schedule, but fortunately, he convinced his boss to give him off. Before our first formal dance (and a few other formals), my sister visited and took pictures of Seth and I dressed all fancy in a gazebo near campus (the gazebo had flowers, a koi pond, etc.- super cute). Naturally, I didn’t question it when Seth suggested we take pictures in the gazebo for our last dance. My mom and sister both came down to help me get ready because I’m horrible at styling my hair, and when the time came, Seth texted me that he was on campus, so we made our way to the gazebo with my mom and sister to take pictures. It was absolutely FREEZING out and I was shivering madly! We snapped some pictures and then Seth turned to me and said, “I have a surprise for you.” He reached in his coat pocket and I thought to myself, “This is it! He’s proposing!” He hands me an ornament. Trying to sound grateful, I said, “Aww! Cute!” It was a white heart that he sharpied on to say “September 29th, 2019” (we had discussed wanting that as our wedding date). It was cute, but I died a little inside seeing an ornament instead of a ring. “Turn it over,” he said. I flipped it. “Will you marry me?” was written on the back. Suddenly my dad appears by my mom and sister (Seth got his blessing months prior and had asked him to be there on that day).My eyes welled up and Seth dropped to one knee. “Jennifer Leigh Guberman, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

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