Jen and Ryan

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How We Met

Jen and I actually met twice. We went to rival high schools and grew up only a few miles apart, but never knew each other. She stayed close to home and attended Arizona State University. I chased my dreams of being a drummer and attended Musician’s Institute in Hollywood for college. While I was gone, Jen began working a job with my best friend from high school, Trevor. The first time we met, I was home from Hollywood on Spring Break, and Trevor invited me to a party with some of his “new” friends. I’m not gonna lie, I was not thrilled that my best friend went and made all these cool new friends while I was gone. As Jen puts it, I sat in the corner and pouted all night and didn’t really talk to anyone. While that was technically our first time meeting, it was definitely not love at first sight. Fast forward to a year later when I graduated from Musician’s Institute, and moved home to complete my business degree at Arizona State University. Trevor suggested we go get a beer at Four Peaks, so he could introduce me to some of his friends. Cue the true meeting of Jen Chase. I still wasn’t thrilled about my best friend having new friends, but Jen seemed okay. She liked Twenty One Pilots and ASU sports. While I couldn’t stomach her love of country music, I knew she was the girl for me when she proceeded to kick my butt in our first season of Fantasy Football. It didn’t take long after that to turn our friendship into something more.

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how they asked

One of my best friends was coming in town from San Francisco. We only see her every few months, so our group of girls always makes it a point to get together when she’s in town. We planned a whole day together of mimosas, getting our nails done, and a wonderful afternoon gossip session filled with chips and queso. We decided to get dressed up for dinner, and go check out this super cool new place in Agritopia called Barnone. It’s a big barn that has a bunch of craft vendors in it, and we wanted to check out the pizza place and wine bar. Upon arriving there, my friend suggested we go take some pictures at the Farm, because she wanted an Instagram picture. About halfway through our walk under the most beautiful garden archway, I see Ryan standing there. All the feelings hit me at once, and I knew the day had come! Ryan had assembled a few of his music buddies to form a three piece band. As I walked up to Ryan, they started playing Check Yes or No by George Strait and Ryan asked me to dance. The dance flew by and lasted forever simultaneously. When the song ended, Ryan got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me, and how thrilled he was for this day to finally be here. He said a whole lot of beautiful words I wish I could remember, and asked me to spend the rest of outback lives together. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Our friends ran to congratulate us, and we celebrated together as a beautiful Arizona monsoon rolled in. I was as happy as could be, and could not wait to call my parents. That’s when Ryan dropped yet another surprise on me- he had a party planned with both of our families and friends to celebrate! The night was perfect, and I cannot wait to say “I do” to this wonderful man!

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Special Thanks

Tiffany Wilbur, Ashley Metzler, and Jaclyn LaBarbera
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