Jen and Mike

How We Met

We met through mutual friends and my brother when we were in high school We both have a love for the same things! We both love the outdoors, fitness, sports and traveling. We both tend to keep to ourselves which is why our relationship works so well. We love spending quality time together and both enjoy the little things. We get along very well and can’t stay mad at each other for more than 30 seconds. We are both very discreet people, it took us time to open up and become comfortable with each other, but once we did we never looked back. I think the moment we became best friends was when we knew this was forever.

how they asked

After years of waiting, Mike finally proposed on December 10, 2017. It was definitely a surprise because I had given up on it ever happening! I had no idea what he had planned. We took our dog for a walk in the Orono crown lands and he got down on one knee in the most picturesque area of the trails! I, of course, cried like a baby and couldn’t believe it was finally happening!

Special Thanks

Megan Ernst