Jen and Logan

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how they asked: It was a beautiful day and I told her that we were going to help a friend take photos at a place called Whitehall, a historic home in Louisville, Kentucky with gardens and trees surrounding. My friend “needed to take photos there for work but didn’t want the gardens to be empty, so he wanted us to walk around in them.”

Once we got to a place that looked like a good place to propose I turned around and winked at my friend and he nodded his head in assurance that he would stay back with his wife to get the picture. I put my arm around her and told her how much I loved her and that I’ve loved her for a long time and have always known that we were supposed to be together.

We got to the end of the pathway and I turned to her and asked her how forever sounded and asked her to marry me. She had no idea that it was coming and looked completely stunned (as you could tell in the photo). She said “What?!, Are you serious?! Are you sure?! Is this real?! What?! Really?!” Then eventually said yes after a parade of questions and I gave her the ring and then went to a surprise party for her with all of her best friends from around the country and our families.