Jen + Khim Proposal; 7 Years to Call You my Wife

31st Dec 2011 marks a special day for Jen and Khim. Jen had chosen this day to propose to his girlfriend of 7 years, making 2012 a brand new start for the both of them. This was also HelpYouMarry’s first full fledge proposal that involved planning, executing, photography and filming.

The whole proposal was built to be a literal walk down memory lane with photo frames hanging on the walls and their love articles decorated all over the room. The venue for the all important proposal was none other than Jen’s own cafe. It was extra significant because it was in this very cafe that both Jen and Khim spent many moments together.

Starting from 1am the night before, the cafe was turned upside down, transforming it into a time capsule bringing Khim into a journey through their 7 years together. Balloons, photo frames, teddy bears, blindfolds, flower petals and some romantic music made the journey ever more touching. The emotions ignited by all their love artefacts were too strong to hold back. And the moment Jen appeared, Khim was all but overwhelmed.

Sporting a cool hairdo and a specially-selected suit, Jen edged towards Khim with his heart pumping faster by the second. Not long after, tears of emotions were seen rolling down Khim’s eyes as Jen stood before her.

Jen reached out for her hand and as he knelt down on bended knee, he said to her “For the past 7 years, it’s been an honour to call you my girlfriend, but now, I would like to call you my wife…”

Here’s the video! Around 2 minutes is when the proposal starts (it’s the sweetest proposal ever!):







The Proposal 11



Proposal by HelpYouMarry