Jen and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I found each other online. So our first date was our first meet and greet face to face. I was in rehearsal for a musical at the time and he was working nights in the Air National Guard. It was pretty much love at first sight. I’d never known this feeling about someone existed, and here we were fitting effortlessly into each other like we’d been waiting our whole lives to meet. I knew he was the one our first week together. Our second date was when he came to see me perform in a musical called the First date. He jokes about it now, that he was was research for my show.

How They Asked

Naturally, it would come full circle that Justin would propose to me on stage during a performance. It was our closing weekend of a musical called Winter Wonderetts, Justin was coming to the show and so were my parents and some friends. Little did I know that all of our friends were there. Justin had created an event on Facebook called the proposal to Jen and invited everyone to that night. They all knew what was going to happen except me. How no one spilled the beans with that many people knowing still amazes me. During the show I get to pick an audience member, aka Justin, and sing to them the classic song “What are you doing New Year’s Eve? I didn’t know the answer was, about to be getting Engaged. We take a final bow, I run off stage to change and there is my director stopping me from going any further. All of a sudden we all hear sleigh bells.

Jen and Justin's Engagement in Forum theatre Wichita

I walked back out on stage and who joins me SANTA! Justin fully dressed as Santa. He had worked it all out with my producer to get a mic and costume on during the last number so I wouldn’t notice he left his seat. Justin/Santa starts talking to the audience about presents for Christmas and that he knows the one thing I want. He tells me to close my eyes and when I open them there he is, on one knee, minus the Santa beard, In front of everyone we love. Asking me to be his forever. Bursting into tears I say yes! Yes to my Santa baby! Oh, and I also proposed back to him Christmas eve night. I couldn’t wait for the world to know we belonged to each other.

Special Thanks

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 | Helped organize the night of and allowed us to do it in front of their audience