Jen and John

How we met: It was Dec 4th 2013 a snowy and cold day and I had just moved to Pittsburgh a month prior from the west coast for work. As I entered the Williams office building, there were people setting up a huge Christmas tree with decorations and lights. As soon as I got into the elevator, and turned around, John hopped in and the first thing he said was “wow that’s quite the christmas tree isnt it?”. I introduced myself and left enough information for him :) to find me in our work “facebook/career manager” system. An hour later, he send me an emailing welcoming me. A month later we went out on a date and our love story began…

Image 1 of Jen and John

how they asked: On Dec 22nd, I got a text message from one my closest friends who also works at Williams. The text said that she wanted to see if I could sit in a meeting @ 2pm on Dec 23rd, since some vice presidents from the tulsa office are coming into town and want insight from individual contributors. I said yes, since I knew I’d be in the office. She asked me to meet her in her office at 1:30pm. The next day I went to work and at 1:30 pm went into her office and we started chatted about the meeting at 2. At 2pm, we went downstairs using the elevator and as soon as the elevator doors opened, John was standing there by the christmas tree. I was really surprised cause he was in his suit and he had recently left Williams to work for another company. As my friend started walking away and John took me to the tree, I knew and I was shocked!! As soon as I said yes, all my friends came out to congratulate us. John hired a videographer and photographer to document the entire proposal.

Photos by Katherine Foreman Photography