Jen and Joe

How We Met: Joe and I met when I was 19, we were working at Hollister together. I would always talk about him before I even knew his name. When I finially got the courage to sneakingly ask for his number, he walked up to me and asked for mine.

how they asked: Five and a half years later, after all the when are you getting engaged, and what’s taking so long, he asked me to take off for my birthday, he said he wanted to spend the day with me. Two weeks after that he told me he was taking me away for the weekend, on a plane, somewhere warm.

So for the next two weeks, I had to hear from everyone “oh my god your getting engaged” I told everyone they were wrong, because there was no way he would spend all this money to go on vacation, and have a ring on top of it.

VEGAS! That was our vacation, which is perfect because we love it there. It’s Saturday night and he says to be ready by 5:15. We’re in a taxi on our way to who knows where, and we pull into this luxury car place.

Turns out he rented a Lamborghini, which is number one on his bucket list.

We’re driving in this incredible car, when he pulls over so we can take pictures of the car. After I took his picture, it was my turn. He took my picture (above!) then came to open the door so I could get out.

Then before I could step out, he got down on his knee, and asked me to marry him. I said of course, then I was crying so hard he thought I was mad at him.

My perfect proposal was on November 5th, 2011, to the man of my dreams, in a Lamborghini, in Vegas. Who could ask for more?

<— Here’s the ring and the car!!