Jen and Jarrid

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Yards on Anacostia River

How We Met

Jarrid and I first met probably when my older brother Andrew had friends over in middle school. Yes, Jarrid is my brother’s best friend. My mom used to always tell me growing up, “you should date that Jarrid boy”. Of course, at the time I thought absolutely not. We both went off to college, Jarrid to George Mason University and I went to Redford University. A few texts would spark between us during those years. To this day we will always debate who texted one another first. I would tell Jarrid I was coming home for the weekend to see if he and his friends had plans or Jarrid telling me to come back to northern Virginia for his homecoming weekend. Although our true first date wasn’t until I was a Junior in college when we went to a Nationals game. Unfortunately, it was close to the end of summer and I was back to Radford to finish out my last year of college. When I graduated in May, Jarrid asked me to be his date to one of his roommate’s weddings and the rest is history.

how they asked

Jarrid had dinner reservations at a restaurant I had been dying to try called District Winery. It is right by the Nationals Stadium (going right back to our first date). We took a walk down by the water before dinner. We walked out onto this large dock, I turned to look at a boat coming in and when I turned back around Jarrid was on one knee. Of course, I screamed and said, “Are you serious?!”. The best yes I have ever said. My brother and his girlfriend were hiding waiting for the proposal to happen so they could get pictures. The two of us then had an amazing dinner at District Winery. Just when I thought the surprises were over, we walked back into our apartment and he had a coral yeti on the table that had a bottle of champagne in it. We celebrated the rest of the evening with friends and family. It truly was a dream come true.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Yards on Anacostia River