Jen and Jared

How We Met

Jared and I met during my senior year of college. I had just come back to school after taking a semester off to undergo chemo treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (I’ll be 5 years cancer free in January!!!!). I was working as a Peer Mentor Coordinator and part of my job was to speak at a department orientation about the mentoring program. Everyone was paired with their department except for me. I was a Public Relations major speaking to the Mechatronics Department (a few engineering practices combined to create this brand new field). I walked in to the lab and there were two guys sitting there. Jared and I struck up a conversation since the other guy was not saying a word. I was telling him how I just got back from speaking to a Freshman class about the program and how they all were looking at me like they were bored out of their minds. He said, “They were just staring at you because you are so beautiful.” Mind you, my hair was just growing back (I looked like a baby bird lol), I had no makeup on, a t-shirt, jean shorts, and tennis shoes. I was not feeling my best that day so his comment really boosted my confidence (and made me blush). As soon as I finished my speech, I walked out of the room and called my mom, “You’ll never guess what this guy said to me!” She said, “Maybe you two will see each other around campus.” It wasn’t a huge campus, but I didn’t think I would really run into him that much…I was wrong. We ran into each other a few times and always talked. He ended up asking me if our PR group would like to help market and promote their new Mechatronics program for our senior project, we went to lunch, I met his ENTIRE family on our second date (pictured), and the rest is history!

how they asked

Let me preface this story by saying we always knew we would get married some day, but Jared thought it was so funny to keep telling me “in 20 years” and would bring the number down every so often.

Jared took me on a surprise trip for our four year anniversary. I didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing. All I knew was I should pack two nice dresses. I thought maybe it would be for dinner so I bought a new dress (pictured). He helped me pack and everything! We ended up doing The Heart of Virginia Wine Trail (wineries are our thing), which was awesome! On the second day of the trail, Jared told me to wear the dress I had bought. Keep in mind, it was 50 degrees, overcast, and kind of rainy so it felt much cooler. I figured I would be cold, but I wore it anyway.

We pull up to Grayhaven Winery and during our tasting, the owner asked us how long we’ve been together. We told him four years and he looked at my finger and said, “And no ring?” (no one there new what was about to happen, either). We laughed and finished our tasting. Afterwards, Jared asked one of the workers if she could take some pictures of us by the vineyard. She took two pictures of us and started to hand my phone back to me when Jared said, “Could you keep taking a few pictures, please?”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Heart of Virginia Wine Trail at Grayhaven Winery in Mineral, VA

Here I am thinking I am usually the one who asks for all the pictures, but okay. He looks at me and says, “You’re right. This dress is too much for a winery.” He proposed, choking back tears, and the girl said once she realized what was going on, she started videoing so we have the special moment on video, along with some pictures!!

So we walked back in the winery and Jared goes, “So speaking of the ring…” The owner looks at us, looks at my hand, and says, “No s***?!” (excuse the language, but it was too funny not to include).