Jen and Hesham

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How We Met

I was having a lot of trouble with my HVAC system and my esthetician referred Hesham’s father, who owns a HVAC company, to me. The work that needed to be done was extensive and required many visits to my home. My work schedule did not allow me to be present each time Hesham’s father, Abdu, would come so my mother kindly offered to open my house for him when he needed to work. After a few visits and many friendly conversations, Abdu and my mother thought it would be a good idea to set Hesham and I up on a blind date. When my mother told me this I was so embarrassed and honestly didn’t think it would work. From what Hesham tells me, he felt the same. Abdu wanted this date to be very traditional so Hesham had to pick me up at my parents’ home and meet my mother before taking me out. Another little tid bit, we weren’t even told each other’s names before our date! Social media stalking was not an option- haha. Needless to say, the date went very well and here we are today! It seems parents truly do know best :)

how they asked

The night it happened he told me we were going to Bacchanalia, a very nice local restaurant I’ve always wanted to try. I got all dolled up and was so excited to try this place. Instead of valet parking he decided to self park because he said he wanted to walk the bridge to get to the restaurant. I didn’t think much of it at that point. So we got to the bridge and he kept mentioning how dark it was- the bridge is usually illuminated with pretty lights. Hesham told me he wanted to look at the train pass under us and then at the sunset. I started to find it odd since we had reservations at 6:45 pm and it was almost that time.

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Hesham is Egyptian and I always poked a little fun at him because he would never sing to me on a bridge like I would see in all the Egyptian love music videos. He turned to me and said “Don’t you always say I don’t sing to you on a bridge? Well here it is.” He sang me a verse from Sade. Hesham then continued to tell me how much he loved me and how he couldn’t wait to spend his life with me. At this point, I knew. I was shaking and overcome with joy. He got down on one knee and proposed.

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All that came out of my mouth was “You have to put it on!” Once the ring was on, Hesham pointed out his friend at the end of the bridge taking pictures. I wanted to call my mom but he told me to wait until after dinner and just enjoy the moment. I’ll admit I was a little bothered because I really wanted to share the news! By the way, we didn’t go to Bacchanalia. Instead, we headed to Marcel, another amazing restaurant on the other side of the bridge. When we walked in both of our families were waiting for us there to celebrate. Even my brother flew in from Seattle to be there! After the delicious meal, we headed downstairs to a lounge, Little Trouble, where Hesham had arranged for our closest friends to gather and continue our celebration. It was a perfect evening and the best proposal I could’ve asked for! I can’t wait to marry this special man!

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