Jen and David

how we met

We met in medical school in Baltimore. I remember dancing with him at Bond Street Social during an orientation event. His version is having tables next to each other for Anatomy and giving me his heart ha.

how they asked

We went on vacation in Italy (my first time in Europe!) last spring. We went to Rome, Venice, and Cinque Terre. While we were hiking the trail that runs among the 5 coastal towns of Cinque Terre, he had us take a break on a rocky clearance overlooking the blue Mediterranean. It was a bright sunny day and you could see the green mountains along the trail, the endless blue sky blending into the even bluer sea. He started telling me all these nice things, and as the thought crossed my mind about “is he proposing right now?!”, he got down on one knee and asked! I knew a proposal was coming at some point, but had no idea that it would be then. It was very sweet.

Special Thanks

Anne Casey Photography
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