Jen and Cody

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I had taken Halloween off at my job to go on a field trip with my son. I had texted Cody, my boyfriend, on the way home about dinner plans and he had mentioned that he had something fun for us to do, seeing how we didn’t have our kids that night for trick or treating. We both enjoy craft beer and visiting breweries, so I thought he had gotten beer samples at work for us. He came home that night and we made dinner together. I kind of forgot his fun activity he had mentioned, and said I needed to go get a printer that night. He said ok, but he wanted to do our fun activity first. I went to get ready to go to the store and I hear a puzzle fall on the floor in the living room. He had gotten us a puzzle to do. As I sat down with him to work on this puzzle, I see a bunch of pieces with our faces on them. He had a puzzle made with a bunch of pictures from our adventures on it. While we were putting it together we had laughed about if there would be missing pieces. We got the whole puzzle together and of course we were missing two pieces. He looked under the couch to see if he could find the missing pieces and he came out with a ring box. He opened it and asked me to marry him. I said yes. After kissing and hugging he asked if I wanted him to go get the missing pieces. They were the two pieces that made the picture of the ring he had mine designed after (yes, he had a custom ring made!). He had the puzzle for a year preparing for the right time to propose.

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