Jen and Carlton

How We Met

Carlton & I met in the 2nd grade. He was held back a grade and I’m sure glad he did- otherwise our paths probably wouldn’t have crossed. We were in the same class every year if I remember correctly throughout elementary school. Of course at that age boys are gross so no attention was really paid. In the 5th grade Carlton came to my birthday party over the summer but at the time I had my eyes set on a fellow classmate. We went to the same middle school but in 7th grade my family and I moved to the next town and at the time Facebook wasn’t a thing and my mom didn’t allow me to have a MySpace. Luckily , the high school that we both went to allowed four nearby towns to attend. So yet again we ended up at the same school but not in the same classes. Carlton would be in academics while I was in shop ( we went to a vocational technical school). It wasn’t until junior year (2008) that we were both in the same academic cycle.

Jen's Proposal in Fenway Park - Boston, MA

One day while in the school cafeteria line, Carlton accidentally dropped his slice of pizza on my brand new Gap sweatshirt that I was madly in love with. Naturally I tried to play it cool while I was slowly dying inside. A few days went by and we ran into each other during our school’s Thanksgiving Day football game. Then all the heart eyes erupted from me and that weekend we danced at Homecoming and that was it- I was hooked. A few more days went by and finally I built up enough courage to ask him to hang out. He did not answer right away because he was at hockey practice and I thought to myself well at least you tried. Hours later I got an answer and we were getting together that night. My best friend at the time worked at a local restaurant and I was so excited to go on a date that I asked Carlton to go there. And on December 3, 2008 Carlton asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

Fast forward 9 years. Carlton’s dad owns a liquor store in the town we live in and we’ve gotten some pretty awesome perks from the distributors over the years- Bruins, Pats and Red Sox tickets for free! So of course when Carlton told me he scored a private tour at Fenway Park from a beer company I didn’t think twice about it. He had me ask my best friend and her boyfriend if they’d like to join (little did I know they were in on it). On November 18, 2017 we headed up to Boston for the private tour and I was so excited to see all of Fenway and enjoy what you can’t during a game.

I thought to myself that it would be the perfect place for a proposal but I was trying not to get myself too worked up because I knew I’d be crushed if it didn’t happen . Finally, at the end of the tour on the Budweiser deck I was looking at the groundskeeper’s service dog on the field – anyone who knows me knows I love dogs.

While i was distracted, Carlton got down on one knee and then asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe that the moment was finally here!

I hate to admit that I froze a little in disbelief but as soon as I looked at my best friend who was crying , I lost it. The tour guide was so lovely the entire time and she gave me a big hug and told us that this was her 2nd proposal since working there. The whole Fenway staff was in on it and I just couldn’t believe that Carlton planned the whole thing. It was an incredible day. The 6 year old me would have never imagined that I would know my future husband for more than half of my life.

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