Jen and Brandon

How They Asked

Brandon, a prosecutor, asked his girlfriend, Jen, to come, watch his opening statement in a trial he was in. She arrived at the courthouse and saw his secretary who had a file Brandon needed and walked with her to the courtroom. They both met a friend in the hallway who joined the two to watch Brandon.

Little did Jen know, both were there to update Brandon as to Jens whereabouts. In the courtroom, the court deputy announced both sides were ready to proceed, the judge came out and the jury was asked to come in. While standing, Jen watched as the jury began to make their way to their seats but started to recognize some. To her surprise, in walks her father and sister, Brandon’s father and grandparents, and a slew of their best and mutual friends. Overrun by emotions, Jen immediately started to cry as Brandon stood to give his “opening statement” — his proposal.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in During a fake trial at the courthouse

Brandon explained his view of love and how Jen was all he wanted. He asked for a moment to confer with co-counsel in which he retrieved the ring. He then asked Jen to meet him in the middle of the courtroom where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Despite tears and hyperventilating, she nodded and kissed him while their families and friends cheered. The judge then pronounced Brandon to a life sentence.

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