Jelena and Mecislav

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Italy

How We Met

We meet each other in 9th of September in 2012, when I was only 18 and he was 19.

That days I was still a student and classmate with the girl he knew. And because of that girls passion to make photos with friends and to post them on Facebook, he saw me.

That was most silly photo of us on which he wrote comment: “WoW!” And asked her about me: “Is she normal?” on what that girl answered: “she is strange”. I wasn’t angry on her…I knew my boyfriend was hansom as hell!

But still he wanted to know meet me and asked for a date on the next day he wrote me.

I couldn’t believe that these guy invited me for a date.

And I was so nervous, that almost on all his questions i was answering “I don’t know” and laughing. He thought it was cute.

And from that moment we were inseparable for five years.

how they asked

In 2017 I decided that i need to change something in my life and went on Erasmus exchange to Italy city Torino.

He arrived to me after two months I left, bought the champagne which I was dreaming of ( Veuve Clicquot ), bought Italian cheese and fruits made a picnic for me.

We had amazing week together travelling all around Piemonte.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Italy

On the next to last evening before his flight back to home to Latvia we went for a walk around the city and of course to enjoy the pizza and wine.

After the dinner he all the time was asking, is here in Torino some amazing view or old church. I had no idea why he was so obsessed with that idea to see old church, because it was already dark. While we were standing on Piazza Castello, city square in Turin, and I was thinking what to show him more… he got down on his knee.

I always was wandering what kind of sensation i will get in that moment… My heart shrieked and legs became week. I remember only one thought in my head “I love You so much!” and I told YES!

It is a shame that i don’t remember what he was telling me, but i will never forget that moment and the way he made me feel.

Italian passers congratulated us with loud shouts and applause.

Never thought that I will be proposed in Italy, that is better than I could dream of!

Thank You my LOVE for making me so blessed!