Jelena and Julian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Detroit Opera House

How We Met

Welcome to 2020 where we all meet on through our phones. I wouldn’t call myself a “Tinderella” but we did meet on the dating app called Hinge, the “classier” dating app as my girl-friends would say. I stumbled across his profile: “Julian Dalton” it read and I remember thinking to myself “what kind of the last name is Dalton?” But I didn’t think too much of it because he was just so darn attractive, so I proceeded to “like” one of his photos and see I could catch a reaction, to which it did. I received a message from him moments later and to my surprise, he responded to me in my native language, Serbian. It was a simple “Hi, how are you?” Here I am thinking, “oh this guy sees my last name (Milicevic) and knows I am ethnic and thinks he’s being cool and sly.” I replied back to him with a cool “OH nice Google translate!” But to my surprise ‘Dalton’ was not his actual last name, it was his middle name, his last name was Bogoevski, which is the same ethnicity as my own.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Detroit Opera House

I told myself when I was younger that I would never date someone as the same ethnicity as my own but here I was messaging this gorgeous man, who was making me laugh and smile within moments of talking to one another. I trusted my gut and God because the big man upstairs was recreating some magic. Being my cool-casual self, I proceeded to tell him “I’m never on this app, here’s my number” thinking I had the power now. In which he did text me moments later, to which it led to us talking for a few days and then us agreeing to finally meet each other in person. He asked me for dinner, but of course, as luck would have it I got very ill days leading up to our date and me attempting to convince him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Detroit Opera House

I was not lying, because let’s be honest it does look sketchy and he probably convinced himself he was being “catfished!” The day of our date, I woke up with no voice, I sounded like a scary old man; there was no way in hell I was going to go on my FIRST date with this gorgeous man sounding like a fish. He was gracious and kind to me, letting me reschedule our date for what was probably the third time.

Finally, I felt better, my voice came back and I was ready to roll. We went to a beautiful wine bistro, and ever since that first date I knew something special was there. We started our date around 7:00 and we ended up going to a bar across the street drinking and talking for hours. Feeling more and more comfortable as the date proceeded. At the end of the night, as I lingered in my car, we locked eyes and we kissed. We kissed for what felt like a lifetime. It felt new but familiar like it was supposed to be him. From that point on, we fell in love; more and more each and every day.

How They Asked

Let’s bring this back to January where Julian’s company hosts trivia events and if anyone knows my fiance, they know he is a trivia king! So it was no surprise to me when he told me he and his buddy won the trivia game for the month. The winners always receive some type of prize but this month’s prize was a 4 pack of tickets to tour the Detroit Opera House. When he told me I was so excited to go see it because it would be an intimate tour of this beautiful building and we would get access to it all. He knew how much I loved the theatre and seeing shows. One of our first dates was to the Detroit Opera House, he bought us tickets to see Aladdin, it was a phenomenal date. We booked our tour for March 14, 2020, the finally arrives and then the “Corona Virus” has struck Michigan! Julian told me the tour was still on, but they had canceled all the shows so we would not be able to see any of the cool backstage stuff. When I got to Julian’s house, within 15 minutes of leaving he received a call from this buddy, who was coming with us, telling us their sitter couldn’t watch the boys because she was sick (they couldn’t risk it because who knew if it was COVID-19). In the back of my head, I had a feeling something like that was going to happen, so I had prepared for it, but I and Julian continued to go downtown for our tour. As we are driving down there, I got a FaceTime call from my grandfather (who lives overseas), I did not pick up because we were driving, but I remember thinking “how odd, why would he be calling right now. Probably just checking to see if I am okay.”

We arrived at the Opera House and we proceed to go in, we are greeted by a wonderful woman named Bridgette and she starts giving us the tour and providing a history of the building. We finally make our way to the Grand Ballroom, its a room filled with the most beautiful architecture, colors, moldings-it takes your breath away. Bridgette tells us she forgot something in the office and will be back shortly. Its just Julian and myself on the stairs in this beautiful Grand Ballroom. As I am taking at this moment, Julian looks to me and says a quote from the Song of Solomon: “I have found the one whom my soul loves” and he proceeded to tell me “I love you, forever.” To which I repeated back “forever.” Julian slowly got down on one knee, to which I was now in shock at this point, thinking this all joke, waiting for him to tell me “just kidding!” I kept protesting say things like “stop it,” “is this real,” “am I dreaming?” He finally told me that he had something to show me and proceeded to pull out the ring, to which he asked me “will you marry me?” Those 4 little words brought me to straight sobs. Through my sob fest, I managed enough to say “yes!” He slid the ring on my finger and I just collapsed into his arms and cried all the tears of happiness, still in shock at not knowing how any of this had happened! Shortly after, his brother and his significant other, as well as Bridgette had emerged, clapping and carrying flowerings and champagne. It was a beautiful moment for us and I am so blessed to be marrying the man of my dreams.

Later that evening Julian and I were talking about how did he make all this happen and this poor man endured so much in the coming moments and days before finally popping the question! Things slowly came together about how a week before popping the question my father slipped up and told me my mother was having lunch with Julian’s mother, to which I brushed off because it was such a surreal thought to me at the time! His original photographer was unable to make it because of COVID-19. My engagement ring was held up in Belgium and Julian did not get the ring until the day before my engagement. Or how if I would have picked up that phone call from my grandfather, it could have spoiled the whole engagement. Lastly, his buddy never planned on coming on the “tour” with us and that the “tour” was actually very much fake.

Our date at the Opera House is where Julian knew he loved me, he wanted to bring back that moment and make this place even more special for us. God blessed me with the most incredible man and I am lucky enough to be his soon-to-be-wife.