Jelena and Ethan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ethan's parent's home in Waterloo, Illinois

How We Met

Ethan and I met in February of our freshman year of college at Charleston Southern University. We were introduced by mutual friends and became fast friends after Ethan made a corny joke that had me laughing for 20 minutes straight. About a month into our friendship, I realized I really liked him, but there as another guy who had feelings for me at the same time and I didn’t know what to do. A few nights after I found out the other guy had feelings for me, I was watching Ethan play indoor soccer and worrying about what to do about these two guys. About halfway through Ethan’s game, he broke his foot and had to be taken out of the game. Later that night, because I was still worrying about what to do about my situation, I called Ethan and asked him if he could meet me outside of his dorm so we could talk- I wanted to be honest with him.

Well, Ethan not only came outside, but walked around campus with me for two hours (on his broken foot!!) and talked to me until I was no longer anxious; that was the night I decided he was the one I wanted to take a chance with. We’ve been together ever since, suffering through two long summers with him in Hawaii (his parents were stationed in Pearl Harbor) with a 6 hour time difference. We also transferred schools together and are now both majoring in education! We are so ready to graduate next year, get married, get our master’s degrees, become teachers, and build our lives together!

Where to Propose in Ethan's parent's home in Waterloo, Illinois

how they asked

See that teal teapot in the background of the first photo? That’s how he did it. Ethan and I have been dating for two and a half years. Over the course of these years, we’ve watched The Office about 4 times through—we love it. Every time Jim and Pam did something cute though, I would say, “Ethan, they’re so cute, we’re not as cute as them,” and he’d always reassure me that we were. Flash forward to Christmas this year (my absolute FAVORITE time of year) and the first gift I open is a teal teapot just like the one that Jim gives to Pam, during Christmas in The Office and Ethan has a note for me to go with it, just like Jim did for Pam.

The note read: “Stop. This gift deserves to be appreciated, not ripped to shreds. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m about to answer one of life’s age-old questions— are we as cute as Jim and Pam? Well, as Jim would say, this gift is great because it comes with other little gifts inside. Once you open the lid, you will find things that remind me of you: chocolate, wine, coffee, and tea. Is that all though? Jim said it best: ‘Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel’, “With that, I pulled out the little gifts, and sitting at the bottom was the beautiful ring. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect proposal for myself if I tried. He truly knows me and I can’t wait to start our lives together!