Jeiny and Christopher


How We Met: Growing up you’ve always heard the saying “he’s mean to you because he likes you!”

Chris & I met in high school. We had classes together & he made it his priority to always say something to annoy me or drive me absolutely crazy. Throughout the first year of us knowing each other, our friendship began to blossom. Instead of him being that pesky guy with the awful jokes he became a really great friend who was always there.
My best friends always mentioned “Jeiny, Chris really likes you. You can tell by the way he looks at you”. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship so when he did ask me out one year I kindly turned him down. But that didn’t stop him from always being there for me.

As we grew up and graduated we went our separate ways. He had his relationships as I had mine. We both consoled each other when we had our hearts broken & had our trials & errors with life, but secretly we both knew what we truly wanted… each other. Flash forward to 2010 & our friendship turned into a relationship. With so many people excited to see Chris finally “snag the girl he’s been waiting for.”
how they asked: It was the perfect night in Boston. With unusual warm weather for the end of November.

Earlier in the day we decided to go out for dinner in town at one of our favorite restaurants & take advantage of the weather. Parking in Boston can be a hassle at times but we managed  to get a spot directly in front of the restaurant. The night had just begun & already I knew it was going to be an amazing night.

After dinner we decided to drive a few blocks to Faneuil Hall and look at the beautiful Christmas decorations that were just placed. We walked through the marketplace taking pictures of the decorated trees flickering against the night sky.


We continued walking towards Christopher Columbus Park. While we were walking around we noticed what appeared to be a maze. Christopher went to the middle of the maze & at that moment my heart was beating a mile a minute. I knew he would be asking me the most important question of our lives. Cars were zipping all around us but in the moment it felt like time was frozen and it was just him & I. As he held me in his arms he slowly began to drop down on bended knee. There was no hesitation in answering him. As I cried with excitement & happiness my sisters ran towards us with the biggest grins on their faces. Jumping with joy we laughed & cried all enjoying the ending of a perfect night.