Jeffrey and Sara

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How We Met

Sara and I initially met online through and she actually approached me! I remember her telling me how awesome it was that I am a male teacher. We talked and texted for about three weeks before deciding to meet in person. Our first time meeting was at a Chili’s!??

how they asked

While dating, Sara and I always met at Deshon Park just to spend time together. Around mid-August of 2015, Sara had broken up with me and I didn’t know or understand why. One week later she called and asked if we could meet at the park. I said yes but I couldn’t stay long because I had a football game to attend. So, we see each for the first time in a week and she asks if we can go sit on this bench, I said sure. So we begin to talk and she starts crying and apologizing and I tell her that it’s okay. She proceeds to get on HER knee and asked if I will take her back, so of course I said yes.

So the day of the proposal I ask her to meet me at the park and she gets there not realizing our families are waiting behind us. So we’re walking towards the bench and we sit. She asks me if I remember her asking to take her back so I tell her that I’ll never forget. I begin to stand and say: well that’s why I brought you out here and she says huh? So I get down on one knee and she begins to cry uncontrollably. ? I proceed to ask: “Will you marry me?” And she says yes as she continues to cry!

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Special Thanks

Chris Tinch
 | Photographer