Jeff and Sheila

How We Met

I was golfing one beautiful summer morning she pulled up as the golf host at the club I played at. When I saw her my heart started pounding!The way the sun lighted up her face and her smile lighted up my heart !!

We are the same, in many areas we think alike ! she is a bright light for me keeps me centered we have many of the same interests, like people, travel, adventure but most of all we are most comfortable alone with each other. Time seems to stand still when we are with each other!

Our first date, some two years after we met, we went to a crab feed, I had a wonderful time and was lost in her, I knew that night that she was the one ! the way she was so comfortable in her surroundings and we were the only people in the completely filled room we laughed and spoke with each other , I finally got the nerve up to kiss her. It moved me deeply, we spent the next three years together inseparable. I knew I had to have her always.

how they asked

I really wanted to ask her but it had to be perfect, in my mind! we had traveled all over to many beautiful places but I knew where it had to be, we had escaped up to the little river for a week where we really got to know each other, our favorite place! that is where it had to be we had wonderful memories, my mother who has passed along with my grandparents are all in the Pacific, so I felt it a perfect place for us and spiritually as I feel close to them when I am there.

I surprised her with a weekend trip back to the coast planned a nice weekend and since this was our most favorite place I, told her that selfies just did not do it justice , so had hired a professional photographer to take some shots of this wonderful place and ourselves, set up a picnic on the beautiful cliff top as the sun was starting to set in the west , we were enjoying our lunch, laughing, kissing , I dropped to my knee she had no idea !!

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