Jeff and Lauren

how they asked

So, Lauren and I will occasionally go out and do little things that I’ll plan for us where she doesn’t know what we’ll be doing. This was one of those days, so she thought. I had told her that I wanted to go out to dinner and had something planned for us to do during the day.

Jeff and Lauren's Engagement in Temple of Love at Old Westbury Gardens

I had come across Old Westbury Gardens a few months ago while planning this proposal and was drawn to a spot that was more secluded from the rest and overlooked a lake. I visited the spot a few times prior to getting more familiar with it and it just felt right.

So here we are, we arrived at Old Westbury Gardens and walk around, map in hand. I suggested we take a walk around the lake trail to see this one other spot. As we got closer we saw this individual being photographed in the general area and Lauren didn’t want to get in the way. I insisted everything would be fine and they wouldn’t mind if we just walked by. I held her hand and took around inside this gazebo known as the temple of love.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Temple of Love at Old Westbury Gardens

I then said a few words to her and dropped on one knee to ask the girl I love to marry me. Shortly after tears of joy and embrace, the photographer and the decoy being photographed, as well as a videographer I had hired walked over congratulating us and began to photograph us.

Jeff's Proposal in Temple of Love at Old Westbury Gardens

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