Jeff and Christine's Proposal in Cancun

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How We Met

Jeff and I first became acquainted while attending the University of Texas at Austin. We were
fairly active members of our Greek community so occasionally we’d run into each other at parties and mixers. Other than these social functions, we never really got to know each other beyond exchanging pleasantries. Graduation time came and flew by, and the two of us made our way down to Houston in 2010 to start our professional careers. I honestly don’t remember how it all started, but Jeff and I randomly began talking more here and there. I gave Jeff a hard time and declined many of his requests to take me out on dates. Jeff wasn’t the most charming of the bunch, though I’m sure if you ask him, he’d deny any of these claims. He was, however, extremely persistent. Before you knew it, there I was going on my first date with him.

After 6 months of dating, the two of us made it “Facebook Official” in December 2011. Guess things took off pretty fast, but we grew to become each other’s best friend and things just started to come naturally. Over the next three and half years, our little family alongside our two pups – Rambo and Baxter, had become inseparable. Everything from lazy days at home to exploring the world, I think Jeff kinda knew I was the girl he’d been waiting for his entire life.

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how they asked

So much had happened in our relationship the three and a half years leading up to the proposal. We’d grown a ton together, experienced our ups and downs, fought around differences, laughed and continued to love each other unconditionally. Over the span of a few months, I was secretly able to arrange a best friends trip down to Cancun, Mexico where I’d pop the question. I wanted to make it a unique occasion, so I thought, “What better way than ask her while on a yacht surrounded by our close friends and the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean?” On the big day, as we all walked down to the beach from our resort to find our yacht, I had failed to consider the risk of concealing the engagement ring (with the box, of course). It was especially concerning given today’s style of tiny swimming trunks! I tried my best to be mindful to not lose possession of the goods in the midst of several rounds of tequila shots. When we finally found a nice spot in the open water, I let everyone get situated before initiating a couples photo shoot.

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I insisted that Christine and I go last, but as we watched our friends take their poses, nervousness started to set in. It finally became our turn to do our poses, which included a goofy pose, normal pose and we saved the kissing pose for last. I started to feel the tequila shots taking a effect and could feel my balance worsening with the boat rocking beneath our feet. We took our first two poses, and then I grabbed the ring out of my pockets and started stumbling down onto one knee.

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Luckily, Christine was initially confused thinking I had fallen over due to the alcohol, so it made for a better surprise when she realized what I was doing. I watched as her face lit up and started my proposal speech to her. Here’s how it went:

“There are so many things I love about you. To speak to your understanding and supportive nature… When you told me “You don’t have to propose in Cancun, babe. I want a Fall wedding now, I want you to do it on your terms.” I thought, “Wow, what a great gal that she allows me to do this!” You are compassionate, as evidenced by your hysterical laughter when Spiderman’s girlfriend died, and you bring balance to our relationship. Sometimes you make me super happy/sometimes super mad – you’re responsible for as many gray hairs as you tweeze out. You’re funny and clever – like when you adopted and used Baxter to trap me into a family – a family I’m very blessed to have today. You’re beautiful, smart, and the financially responsible one – I’m surprised you didn’t question this yacht! You’re my best friend, my soulmate, my whole world, I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, and I think we would make good looking babies. So… Will you also be my wife?”

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Christine said yes, as I slipped the ring on my new fiancée’s hands and lovingly embraced as the crew and our close friends cheered. We proceeded to take several more rounds of tequila shots and well, the rest is history!

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