Jeff and April

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Saint Louis, Missouri

How We Met

Jeff and I met through online dating. Jeff and I talked through texting and skyping for two months getting to know each other. On February 17, 2016, I made the impulsive but best decision of my life to skip school and travel over an hour to meet this amazing man. He was working as a paramedic at the Saint Louis Zoo. I, of course, ended up hiding in the snake house because I got nervous at the last minute. He still found me and we spent the day together at the zoo looking at the animals. Kali, the polar bear, is our favorite :)

How They Asked

Around two years into our relationship, Jeff started a brick by brick jar. For every date we went on Jeff would give me a stone to put into the jar. He would say we are adding bricks to our foundation. On the evening Jeff proposed, I was making dinner in the kitchen. Jeff asked me to come into the living room. When I came into the living room the jar was sitting on the coffee table with a note that read “Let this stone be the final foundation to the start of our life together. Choose Wisely. Turn around.” When I turned around Jeff was on one knee holding one last stone and the engagement ring :)

Where to Propose in Saint Louis, Missouri

Special Thanks

Saint Louis Zoo
 | Inspiration
Mike George
 | Helped Jeff design the ring