Jeff and Alexandra

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How we met

Jeff and I met through a “mutual friend,” meaning…. He was dating a friend of mine when we met! My friend, Christa, told me about a new guy she had been talking to and we decided to go to a party that he invited us to. That’s where I met Jeff. The first thing I noticed about him was how cute he was. I later teased Christa about how handsome he looked on our walk home. Jeff was very nice and absolutely hilarious and we clicked as great friends almost immediately. I was in a long term relationship with my boyfriend, and Christa and I would often go on double dates with each other and all hang out in groups where Jeff and I grew closer as good friends. After a month or so, things between Christa and Jeff fizzled out and Christa moved across the country to be with her on again off again partner.

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Months later, I took an internship in my hometown and had broken up with my long term boyfriend. One night on Twitter, I noticed that Jeff had sent me a direct message. After catching up on Twitter, he asked for my number and invited me to another party he was hosting. I was excited to see him again as we got along so well before. The party invites continued with Jeff, which turned into weekend stays in his shoebox of an apartment at least 3 times a month. My weekend stays would consist of me coming over, making an absolute mess of his apartment, us going out together, us separating once the night ended to go with whoever caught our interest that night, and then in the morning, Jeff would pick me up from wherever I was and we would laugh together about how weird or awkward our night had been.

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After a few months of this (STRICTLY friends), I started to get the idea that our friendship was getting deeper. Jeff prided himself on being a bachelor and his apartment was his pride and joy. He was always extremely annoyed every time I accidentally left a tampon or two in his medicine cabinet, or left my shower loofa in his shower. It gave his dates the “wrong idea”, he would say. One night while I was out of town, I was texting him about the horrible date I was on. Jeff told me to ditch the guy and to come hang out with him and that my loofa was “exactly where I left it”. That was Jeff’s weird and twisted college-y way of saying that he wasn’t dating anyone else and he didn’t want me to either. A couple of weeks later, he wrote me a poem which was riddled with lyrics for Outkast and Kendrick Lamar, asking me to be his girlfriend. I cried, he got weirded out by me crying and left the room… and we’ve been together ever since (he’s gotten better with reacting to my emotions since then).

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how they asked

Some background first… My family is from California. Through the years, it was really hard for me to see my family for the holidays (I was poor and in college) so I mainly spent the holidays with Jeff’s family in Bowling Green, OH. After graduating, Jeff and I moved to Cleveland, OH.

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Jeff and I made a trip to Bowling Green one weekend and we spent the day doing every thing we loved to do together when we were in college. The morning started at our favorite hole in the wall diner, we spent the afternoon at the art museum, hit up the casino, and got a few drinks at our favorite bar, and ended the night with dinner at a bistro where I worked for 2 years while in college. As soon as I walked in the doors of the bistro, I saw my best friends from college as well as my family from California sitting at our table! Jeff explained that since we couldn’t spend thanksgiving with my family on the actual day, he got everyone together on this night to have thanksgiving instead. He then coached everyone at the table to say what they were thankful for. He went last, and made a whole speech of who knows what (I literally don’t remember a thing he said) and he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

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