Jeannette and Zachary

How We Met

We met on… Tinder! Although it can be embarrassing to tell people that, we are both just happy that we met. We both swiped right, messaged for about 24 hours, then he picked me up and we went on our first date to Panera. The next day we went to church and after that were inseparable. We were both attending Texas State and when I graduated (about a month after we met) we spent the whole summer together playing at the river and in the sunshine until I had to move back to Dallas for student teaching. Zach still had 2 years of school left so we suffered through long distance for 10 months. With trips back and fourth we were both so miserable not getting to be with our best friend everyday. So he looked into transferring to University of Texas at Dallas to finish his degree in Electrical Engineering. The second we found out he got in we started searching for apartments and have been living together in bliss ever since!


how they asked

On Saturday January 9th, 2016 it was the day before one of my best friend’s birthday. Her husband texted me and our group of friends a few weeks earlier about this surprise scavenger hunt he had planned for her birthday asking us to help guide her through it. I of course agreed and got ready to spend the afternoon helping my friend celebrate her birthday. First, it was my idea to go see a movie before we started the hunt. Once it was over, I told her we were taking her on a scavenger hunt Justin planned for her. She was so excited, we gave her the first clue and took her picture once we got there. Then we gave her the second clue which was to go where she took her bridal pictures. I went with her to these so I knew it was at Adriatica in McKinney, TX. We arrived and I told her we should take her picture in a spot where she took one in her wedding dress so we headed that way, but then Mackenzie said she saw something somewhere. We followed her down a path and I started wondering where we were going and why we were going so far because it was freezing. She found a black arrow and we followed it. I did not remember Justin saying he planned a surprise at this stop so I began telling her these weren’t for her, probably someone from earlier. She kept following and after I took her picture under the third arrow that said, “Dreams do come true,” that’s when I saw him. Zach was standing there with a beautiful handmade metal and wood sign that said “Will You Marry Me?” Then from behind the rocks came our families and more friends. To my surprise, everyone knew this scavenger hunt was for me and that’s when I said yes to spending the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!




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