Jeannette and Robbert

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How We Met

We met each other 10 years a go at high school. When i saw him, my belly could not stop with all the butterflies inside it. His smile, his hair, everything was just so perfect. I wonder how wonderful it would be to be his girlfriend. What I did not know was that he though the same way and there is where the adventure started. From there one many text messages where sent, lots of MSN chats where made and our computer saw lots of lovely words and sparkling faces. Then his birthday was coming up at 04-2009 and I decided to drive all the way to his house on my bike, a 30 minute ride.

It was my first time i went there so i needed a map in my hands to find it. We had a secret meeting behind his backyard and he had to sneak out his house to see me. There was our magical moment, i gave him his birthday present, a birthday cake in a heart. Then there was a very good excuse to kiss each other for the very first time. In June 2009 he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course i said yes! I felled the happiest girl in the world. Now we have almost eight years a wonderful relationship and are really growing old together.

how they asked

On the 29th June 2016 I turned twenty-two years old and Robbert told me months before my birthday he had received a mail if we could shoot a wedding that day. Robbert is a professional wedding photographer and it was a completely normal question for me, so he asked my permission and I said yes. Robbert had it all planned so perfectly. That morning we drove to the wedding (that was what I thought) there was a birthday cake at my seat and lots of sandwiches for our long journey. I had the feeling we were driving in the wrong direction, but he told me a convincing story so I stopped asking and trusted him completely.

A few hours later I was sitting next to him at the airplane from Holland to …. ICELAND! He had it all planned for months, booked tickets, rented a car in Iceland and he did know every road where we had to go. He took me to some beautiful waterfalls, they where magnificent! He told me to stand with my back towards him so he could make a picture of me with the waterfall. He came next to me and asked me to turn, I could not believe my eyes!! He was sitting there on one knee and asking me to marry him and I said YES!

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It could not be more perfect! It was really the best birthday present! We were getting so wet, but we did not care. The water was streaming over our faces, clothes and hair. You could not see my happy tears, because of all the rain from the big waterfall.

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His camera was making pictures during his proposal and the results are memories for a lifetime. We are getting married on 27.07.2017 and are really looking forward to our life together!

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Special Thanks

My fiancé Robbert
 | Photographer
My fiancé Robbert
 | Videographer